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Can be calibrated to measure up to 13 T

High Field Probe for DTM-151 or DTM-152 Digital Teslameters

  • Measure magnetic fields of up to 13 Tesla (130,000 Gauss)

  • High precision with ± 0.10% maximum error +0.03% of full scale at 25°C 
  • To be use with a Group3 DTM-151 or DTM-152 Digital Teslameter

  • Minimum cable length of 7 meters and could be as long as 30 meters.

  • Miniature probe head dimension at 14 x 5 x 2 mm 

DTM-152 Single Axis Teslameter

DTM-152 Digital Teslameter/Gaussmeter

  • Accuracy is 0.01% of reading + 0.006% of full scale when used with MPT-141 or LPT-141 probe

  • with temperature and graph display

  • easy touch screen interface

  • data logging 

  • design for standard 19"rack panel mounting 

DTM-333 3-Axis Teslameter

DTM-333 3-Axis Digital Teslameter/Gaussmeter

  • Accuracy is ± (0.03% of reading + 0.03% of full scale) with 3DT-132, LPT-130 or MPT-132 probe

  • easy touch screen interface

  • data logging

  • 3-Channel, 3-Axis 

  • design for standard 19"rack panel mounting 

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RIU-800 Remote Interface Unit (Kit)

  • remote operation of your DTM-151-S using Group3 DTM Android app

  • perform data logging of field reading and temperature versus time

  • touch screen display

  • virtual buttons of field range, unit (Gauss or Tesla), resetting, filter ON/OFF, and much more  

Latest News

Group3 Update on Production due COVID-19

April 21, 2020

Group3 Technology is happy to announce that, as per NZ government's announcement of moving to Level 3 from 28 April, our operation will resume and will start processing orders that were received prior to lockdown last March 25, 2020.  

Testing ion thrusters for space exploration

February 10, 2020

Plasma-powered ion thrusters using strong magnetic fields are currently use in modern satellites and now scientists from Princeton are working into powering these thrusters by nuclear fusion.


Photo: ESA

Group3 Attends IPAC19 in Melbourne

May 21, 2019

This year's annual International Particle Accelerator Conference was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center and Group3 represented by Joey Aguas was there to join the event.

Group3 Visits Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology Co. Ltd. (SMIT)

May 09, 2019

We at Group3 were delighted to visit one of our distinguished customers in Japan, the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology Co. Ltd. (SMIT) located in Matsuyama, Japan. Hakuto Co. Ltd, our exclusive distributor in Japan arranged the visit.

Group3 Visits J-PARC

May 06, 2019

Group3, represented by Doug Sturgin and Joey Aguas, visited the J-PARC facility together with our Japanese representatives Koji Murata and Kota Kamiuttanai of Hakuto Co. Ltd.

J-PARC recently acquired a 3-Axis, 3-Channel DTM-333 Digital Teslameter as well as a 3DT, 3-Axis probes for their magnet mapping. 

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