• 0.03% accuracy at 25°C
  • 4-range operation, 
  • up to 30000 Gauss or 3 Tesla maximum field
  • miniature head
  • non-temperature compensated 

MPT-132-2S, Hall Effect Probe, 2 meters

SKU: 01391000
Additional Cable Length
    • Very small sensitive area, small physical size.
    • High accuracy: ± 0.03% max. error at 25°C*.
    • Low thermal drift: -120ppm/°C max*.
    • Low zero drift: ±0.4 gauss/°C max*.
    • Calibration tables at 0, 25 and 50°C supplied with each probe. 


    MPT-132-2s for probe with basic 2 meter shielded cable length. Special probe cable lengths may be ordered up to 30 meters max.

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