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* Simple to use interface 

*  Durable Aluminium Body

* Calibrated to measure field up to 2.2T.

* Basic accuracy is 0.5%.

* With rechargeable battery and last up to 20 hours.

* Operating temperature of probe sensor from -5°C to 50°C.

* Measurement rate is 60Hz

* Temperature compensated field reading.

* Supplied with Labview© VI with data log capability when connected to PC.

* Probe is calibrated, with field and temperature characteristics stored in a memory chip contained in the probe handle.

* Standard cable length is 2 meters

* Teslameter and probe can be bought separately and be used interchangeably.


*****Accepting pre-orders, inquire now!*****

HTM-121 Handheld Teslameter with HHP-101 Hall Effect Probe

SKU: 01530000