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HTM-121 Hand Held Digital Teslameter 



  • Accuracy is 0.5% of reading 

  • Calibrated up to 2.2 Tesla, bipolar

  • Data logging

  • Supplied with LabVIEW VI

  • OLED screen display

  • Communicate via USB 2.0 port

  • Temperature range for instrument and probe      - 5°C to 50° C

  • With on-board rechargeable NiMH battery with charging indicator


  • Independently Calibrated Teslameter & Hall Probe up to ±2.2T

  • Data logging via LabView VI

  • HHP-101 Probes can be interchangeable to any HTM-121 Teslameter

  • Calibration factors of the probe is stored in an SPI EEPROM inside the probe handle.

  • Best use for measuring fringe fields, QC processes, etc.

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