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CAYLAR NMR  Gaussmeter and Probes

         Group3 is proud to announce its collaboration with Caylar, a French scientific instrumentation company specializing in the design and manufacture of magnetic systems (electromagnets, power supplies, gaussmeters) combining the historical know-how of DRUSCH and BOUHNIK.


         CAYLAR is one of the few industrial players to offer complete magnetic systems for producing, measuring and regulating a magnetic field with high precision and stability.

NMR Gaussmeter

CAYLAR proposes a measurement of the magnetic field by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) which allows to have an absolute measurement of the magnetic field without influence of temperature.


The Gaussmeter NMR20 is the successor of the famous Gaussmeter NMR 2 (Teslameter NMR DRUSCH). An approved technology since the 70's.


The new 2022 version of the NMR20 offers unmatched performance in all aspects. With the new FPGA-based frequency meter, the field reading is improved, more stable, more accurate with a hundred times higher resolution.
With the new embedded system, the NMR20 is faster, turns on instantly, more reliable and secure.

Caylar NMR.jpg

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Specifications of the new NMR20 Teslameter Version 2022:

  •     <0.5 µT (<5mG) absolute accuracy.

  •     <0.01 ppm resolution in a uniform field.

  •     0.01 mG reading resolution.

  •     Up to 45 Hz reading frequency.

  •     High dynamic reading range (x5).

  •     High gradient tolerance: from 1000 to 2000ppm/cm (depending on the probe).

  •     Can measure very low fields 14mT (140G).

  •     Fast search of the NMR signal in less than 1 second.

  •     Display of the measurement on the front panel of the instrument.

  •     New very thin probes (<2mm) available.

  •     Probes adapted to radioactive environments without any active electronics.

  •     Analog output to regulate a current source.


           5 Years Warranty

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