Type K

Type K GPIB/IEEE 488 Controller

The Type K I/O board provides full GPIB/IEEE488 talker/listener/controller capability over the fiber optic loop of a Group3 Control system.

Power supplies, controllers and measuring instruments with a GPIB interface can now be integrated into the computer control system, taking advantage of the high voltage isolation provided by the fiber optic cables.

A maximum of 8 GPIB devices can be controlled by one type K board.


  • Performs all IEEE 488.1 interface functions.
  • Meets all IEE 488.2 requirements.

GPIB/IEE488 Capability

  • SH1 - Source handshake
  • AH1 - Acceptor handshake
  • T5 or TE5 - Talker or Extended Talker
  • L3 or LE3 - Listener or Extended Listener
  • SR1 - Service request
  • RL1 - Remote/local
  • PP1 / PP2 - Parallel Poll local/remote configuration
  • C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 - Controller, all capabilities
  • E1,E2 - bus drivers tri-state/open collector


  • 26-way double-row 0.1” spacing shrouded header.
  • Accepts flat ribbon cable socket connector.

PRLN-P Processor Board required with each single or up to 3 I/O Modules.