Type H Stepping Motor Driver Board

Type H 4 Stepping Motor Driver Board

The Type H Encoder Board accepts inputs from four quadrature encoders. A dedicated up/down counter for each encoder allows the four channels to operate independently and at high speed.

Applications include rotary position encoders, shaft speed detectors, and ‘soft pot’ operator interface control knobs (such as the Hewlett-Packard HRPG series of miniature encoders).


Number of encoders

Input signals
2 quadrature signals per channel, LO level <1.5V, Hi level >3.5V

Noise rejection
inputs have 2 Volts hysteresis, and are digitally filtered

Input pulse repetition rate:

  • 120kHz max. With 1 I/O board in Device Interface
  • 80kHz max. With 2 I/O boards in Device Interface
  • 40kHz max. With 3 I/O boards in Device Interface

Supply to Encoders
+5 Volts, 50 mA each Maximum, 200 mA total.


  • 5-way AMP shrouded header
  • accepts AMP Mod. IV Wire-Applied Housing 102241-3

PRLN-P Processor Board required with each single or up to 3 I/O Modules.