Type G Stepping Motor Driver Board

Type G 4 Stepping Motor Driver Board

This board generates the logic levels necessary to drive 4 stepping motors. Each channel has independently programmable acceleration and final sustained speed.

Each motor can be set to Position mode, or to Continuous Run mode, in which the motor acts as a variable speed drive. Position control is achieved by sending the channel a 32 bit number representing the desired absolute position ( ±2,147,483,648 steps from a settable zero). The I/O board then calculates the direction, acceleration and speed required, and generates the signals to move the motor there.

The acceleration can be set (0 to 255), the maximum step rate (0 to 5000 steps/sec), and in continuous run mode the direction (0=off, 1=forward, 2=reverse, 3=off, rotor locked).

The four drive signals generated for each stepping motor are provided as open collector outputs capable of sinking 180mA. In Quadrature drive mode small motors can be driven directly, or the signals can be used to drive high current devices. In the other drive modes, Clock & Direction, or Dual Clock output, this board generates logic signals that are used to control a commercially available stepper motor driver power module. Additional signals are provided to select Half or Full step, and All Windings Off.

Eight digital inputs are provided which can be set to act as limit switches, automatically shutting off drive to the motor, or they can used as general inputs.

Four analog inputs of eight bit resolution (values of 0 to 255) are available. They could be used as a fairly low resolution check on the absolute position, by sensing position potentiometers. A 5 volt reference is provided to power the pots.




Number of motors


Output signals

open collector 180 mA, 50 V maximum

Pull up to motor power


Input parameters maximum step rate

maximum step rate

  • 4500 steps/sec (one motor active at a time)
  • 700 steps/s (two motors active at the same time)
  • 500 steps/s (all motors active at same time)

Desired position

± 2,147,483,648 steps (32 bit) from zero


256 levels (8 bit)

Input signals

  • digital inputs 1kW pull up to 5 volts, to be switched to ground maximum input 5V minimum input 0V
  • analog inputs maximum input 5V minimum input 0V converted to 8 bit digital value, 20mV per bit.

Output current

5V reference (total both pins) 50 mA recommended potentiometer value 500Ω minimum.

Connector type

20-way double-row 0.1” spacing shrouded header. Accepts flat ribbon cable socket connector.

PRLN-P Processor Board required with each single or up to 3 I/O Modules.