Type E

Type E 4 DC Motor Driver Board

This board has four channels for controlling small D.C. motors. Each motor can have independently variable speed, direction and acceleration.

Drive to the motors is controlled by pulse density modulation; the cycle time is divided into 256 sections, each of one pulse width. The number of drive pulses, as set by the speed setting, are evenly distributed over the 256 pulse cycle time, resulting in much smoother drive at low speeds when compared to a simple pulse width modulated speed control.

The board includes a stable 5 volt reference output for energising position sensing potentiometers, which could be read using a type C analog input board.




Driver output channels

4, reversible, pulse density modulated

Pulse width

0.02 to 3.54 ms programmable in 8 binary steps, giving total cycle times of 7 to 910 ms.

Supply voltage

30 volts D.C. max. referenced to a common ground., each channel supplied individually.

Load current

1 Amp max per channel

Speed resolution

8 bits (1:256)

Acceleration resolution

8 bits (1:256)

Stop modes

motor windings open-circuit, or short circuited (braking)

Reference voltage output

5 ±0.1V, 10 mA max load, 30 mA short circuit


  • Motors 4-way AMP shrouded header
  • Accepts AMP Mod. IV Wire-Applied Housing 102241-3
  • Reference 3-way AMP shrouded header, as above.

PRLN-P Processor Board required with each single or up to 3 I/O Modules.