Type B

Type B 24 channel digital i/o Board

This board provides 24 bi-directional digital channels. The channels have open collector drivers for use as outputs, and TTL compatible levels for inputs. Each channel can be used as an input or as an output.

The board can be connected directly to the popular Opto 22 Digital I/O Mounting Rack system using standard 50-way flat ribbon cable.


Number of channels 24, individually configurable as inputs and outputs.

Maximum allowed voltage on any signal pin: 40 volts


  • Open collector, sink to ground.
  • OFF state internal 1kW pull-up to +5V
  • ON state 1 volt max. at 100 mA sink to ground.
  • On power up all outputs are cleared to OFF.

Behaviour of the outputs on a watchdog or software self check RESET can be set by a jumper to either HOLD the outputs at their last value, or CLEAR the outputs to OFF.


  • TTL voltage level compatibility.
  • Maximum input low level is 0.8 volts.


  • 50-way double-row 0.1” spacing shrouded header.
  • accepts flat ribbon cable socket connector.

PRLN-P Processor Board required with each single or up to 3 I/O Modules.