Type A

Type A 4 fast analog & Digital i/o Board

This board provides 2 analog inputs, 1 analog output and 8 digital channels. Designed as a high speed board, all channels are capable of being updated 500 times / second.


Analog Inputs




16 bit


  • type A1 0 to 50mV,-50mV to 50mV, 0 to 5V,-5V to 5V
  • type A2 0 to 5V,-5V to 5V, 0 to 10V, -10 to 10V
  • type A3 custom ranges to special order, 50mV to 10V

Digital span

bipolar -32,000 to +32,000, unipolar 0 to 64,000

Input Resistance

  • 360kΩ differential
  • 180 kΩ either input to analog common

Common mode rejection ratio

80dB min.

Common mode input voltage range

±12V (Maximum input voltage ±30V)

Input settling time

5ms to 0.01% of full scale step

Input latency

10ms max.

Offset tempco

10mV/°C max.

Gain tempco

50ppm/°C max.

Analog Output




14 bits



Digital span

  • unipolar 0 to 16000
  • bipolar -8000 to +8000

Output ranges

  • 0 to +5V
  • -5 to +5V
  • 0 to +10V
  • -10 to +10V

1 bit change

  • 0.3mV
  • 0.6mV
  • 0.6mV
  • 1.2mV

Output current load

5mA max. (Short circuit output current 25mA)

Output impedance

100Ω max.

Load impedance

2kΩ min, 1m F max.

Offset tempco

20mV/°C max.

Gain tempco

50ppm/°C max.

Output settling

2 ms to 0.01% of full scale step

Digital I/O

  • Output drivers open collector
  • OFF state Internal 1kW pull-up to +5V
  • ON state 1 volt max. at 100 mA sink to ground
  • Input compatibility TTL switching levels, 40 volt max.


  • Digital 20-way double-row 0.1” spacing shrouded header.
  • Analog 10-way double-row 0.1” spacing shrouded header.
  • accepts flat ribbon cable socket connector.

PRLN-P Processor Board required with each single or up to 3 I/O Modules.