Registration and Warranty

Group 3 provide an important repair and calibration service which can be arranged through your local dealer or distributor, with urgent turnaround if required.

If you’ve purchased a Group3 product, we strongly encourage you to register products  for warranty purposes and to receive important product software updates and service reminders.

For specific information on how to use Group3 Teslameters download the user manual or access specifications, trouble shooting and other 'how to' manuals under Resources.


We are leaders in the design and manufacture of robust scientific instruments for measuring magnetic fields, and specialist control systems for a broad range of temperature and magnetic field conditions.


Our precision products are proven performers with the confidence of quality, reliability, accuracy and durability.


Continuous development of our proprietary technology is supported by our commitment to product innovation and solutions, to be one step ahead of emerging technologies.


With over 40 years’ experience we have a global network of representatives, specialising in all aspects of technology - Medical, Automotive, Silicon Wafer Fabrication, Particle Accelerator Technologies and high profile physics applications.