Concrete applications for accelerator science
11 October 2017

Particle accelerators are the engines of particle physics research at Fermilab. They generate nearly light-speed, subatomic particles that scientists study to get to the bottom of what makes our universe tick. Fermilab experiments rely on a number of different accelerators, including a powerful, 500-foot-long linear accelerator that kick-starts the process of sending particle beams to various...

Proton-Beam Therapy for Cancer Gets Renewed Attention
17 May 2016

Here's the latest news from Wall Street Journal regarding Proton-Therapy for Cancer...

Cern restarts Large Hadron Collider
Cern restarts Large Hadron Collider
5 April 2015

Physicists hope particle accelerator will explain dark matter, gravity and antimatter as it completes its test run following an upgrade. Read the full story in The Guardian: Cern restarts Large Hadron Collider with mission to make scientific...

Meet the Group3 team at Intermag 2015
Meet the Group3 team at Intermag 2015
8 May 2015

Meet the Group3 Technology team at the 2015 Intermag conference, on the East Changing Technologies exhibitor stand.  East Changing Technologies are the Group3 Technology distributors for Central and North...

Group3 Distributor

GMW’s DTM customers have consistently relied upon Group3 to deliver high accuracy, high resolution probes.  GMW find these probes still working after many years in the field, often in harsh environments.