Group3 has over 40 years of experience

Group3 Technology Limited are based in the city of Auckland in New Zealand.  They design and manufacture robust scientific instruments for measuring magnetic fields and specialist control systems for a broad range of temperature and magnetic field conditions. 

With today’s instant communication and rapid transport, Group3’s geographic distance is easily overcome through an extensive dealer and distributor network with direct access to the Group3 development, support and manufacturing team - 24x7 for repair and calibration services.

Group3 was founded in 1983 and exports 99% of production to over 120 organisations in 24 countries.  Group3 produces the worlds’ most accurate and cost effective Hall Effect Digital Teslameter and has recently developed an accurate analog output magnetic field transducer.

Since 1991 Group3 has supplied control modules to US manufacturers of Ion Beam Implantation equipment, which are used in the manufacture of semiconductor circuits.

From this work, and a wide knowledge of particle accelerators in general, Group3 launched a control system, with specific advantages for controlling high voltage equipment: fiber optic communications, high speed and high accuracy. The control system is being used in many universities and research institutes around the world, and on the latest prototypes from a number of manufacturers of medical and industrial particle accelerators.

Group3 also introduced an advanced controller and I/O module that communicates using the industry standard DeviceNet protocol.

With over 40 years of experience, Group3 hold the industry benchmark in precision and accuracy.  Having developed proprietary technologies, Group3 are committed to continuous product innovation and solutions aligned with emerging technologies in Science, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology and Research.

The Group3 Team

Group3 is a small company producing leading edge technology in a highly specialised field, exporting to many countries around the world. The highly skilled staff at Group3 have the flexibility to take advantage of new advances in technology and can respond to market requests much more rapidly than larger corporate competitors.


Doug Sturgin, Chief Technical Officer and Director.
Responsible for Group3 sales, marketing and customer management, the head of Research & Development and day to day operations.

Joey Aguas, Production Engineering and Product Development and Testing.
Also responsible for Group3 production planning, website and database administration.

Elaine Dunn, Head of Manufacturing, Purchasing and Accounts.

Colin Sturgin, Head of Technical and Production.

Anatoly Aguas, Process Engineering, Service Coordinator, and Probe Calibration